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Dr. Robert Gibson

Hello, I am Dr. Robert Gibson.  The unexpected death of my father brought about a great change in my life.  Things were going great in San Antonio.  My practice was busy and booming, my wife and kids were healthy and happy.   We were in the middle of expanding our business and buying the most beautiful old stone building for our new office.   It was perfect.   Moving from Texas wasn’t even on my radar. 

Dad’s death changed everything.  Who was going to take care of Mom now?  We kept her a live 8 years past her terminal diagnosis of brain cancer.  The Oncologist gave her less than two months to live and said that there was nothing anyone could do.   I didn’t like his answer, so I began sending her an alternative treatment that immediately stopped the tumors growth.  But a benign mass remained in her brain and took its toll over the years.  She eventually required 24 hour care.  What was I supposed to do?  I lived in Texas.  I certainly couldn’t give up my business and everything else that I had worked so many years to build. 

However, I began to feel an urgent and overwhelming need to take care of Mom.  My darling wife Kathy felt the same way, even before I mentioned it to her.  It was just the right thing to do!  So we gave up our business, our home, and the life we loved.  Why, because my Dad’s death taught me something -- “Any THING with any REAL value that my Dad had, he took with him to the next life.  The rest of it doesn’t mean ANYTHING.  Just when we think we know it all and we’ve got it all figured out, our Heavenly Father adds depth to our understanding and greater meaning to our lives.

Now that I’m in St. George, I am excited and looking forward to meeting you.   So that you may better get to know me, I would like to let you know how I became a Doctor.   While growing up in Las Vegas, I came to understand the importance of health.  My father, a Korean War Medic, hardworking man, who never had a sick day in his life, began to deteriorate before my family's eyes.  I came home from school one day to find my Dad on the floor in a great deal of pain.  Of course this was very unusual in that he never missed work.  Having grown up in the Great Depression, he was one of those people that did not complain, even in the most challenging times.  The pain was in his shoulder, neck, arm, the entire back and down even to his hip and leg.  He was all bent over and could hardly walk.  

He went to the family doctor only to be told to take some pain pills.  But the pain grew worse and now he was on powerful pain medication that just made him feel terrible.  Doctor after doctor just gave him some more pills.  He eventually went to a very prestigious medical clinic and they told him they could cut the nerves that came from his spine.  The pain would go away but there would be paralysis.  That was something my Dad could not do.  He had nine children to feed. 

A fellow who worked with him suggested that he see a doctor that was an expert in neurology and chiropractic.   Even the first visit was very inspiring to Dad.  The doctor said, “Mark; we are going to examine your spine and see if we can locate the cause of your condition and not just treat the symptoms.”  Well, this sounded like music from heaven to dad.  In all the doctors he had visited no one mentioned looking to the cause, just another drug for the symptoms.  After examination and x-rays the doctor located a small dislocation or subluxation (pinched nerve) in Dad's back.    This was the source of the problem.  Dad agreed to make some important nutritional changes and to undergo a series of treatments over a several month period.  What happened was more than a miracle to Dad.  In less than 90 days, after being in pain for years, Dad not only received relief but function back in his right side.   

When I was an adult, my father admitted to me that during this dark time when he was unable to work due to his back, he almost took his own life.   He was thinking that his life insurance was needed to care for his children.   How thankful I am that he found a rare doctor that could actually help.  I saw firsthand as a child, that nutrition and chiropractic was a truly amazing thing for the whole family!   It saved ours.   Now you know why, I do what I do, and why I became a Doctor.   It is my purpose in life to help as many people as I can, benefited from neurology, nutrition and chiropractic, just as I have.

I know that this wellness lifestyle has played a huge roll in allowing me to have the great life that I enjoy now.   It is more than just being healthy enough to do the things I want to.   It is about helping people get more out of life.   Because I wanted to help others, I served as a missionary in Japan.  I later went to medical school and studied neurology.  Returning to Japan, I was educated in Naturopathy, traditional Japanese/Oriental medicine and became an expert in Nutrition and Wellness.  A desire to obtain hands on skills to improve the human body continued and I studied chiropractic.   I have since refined my skills and gained great knowledge while practicing around the world. 

Being a doctor isn’t just a job for me.  I have been the witness to so many miracles in the lives of my patients.  Helping people is how I live my life.   I donate my services to the Boy Scouts.  As a Scout Master and Eagle Scout, scouting has been a great blessing in my life.   For this reason, I help young scouts with the skills that will make them into good and honorable men who are assets to their family and community.

Having spent years in medical practice and philanthropy, I’ve earned a reputation for delivering unique and remarkably effective treatment methods.  So far in my career, I have provided over 52,000 doctor’s visits and treatments to active military and veterans free of charge.   The vast majority of these patients are disabled veterans discarded by the system.  That’s over 10 million dollars of needed health care in my feeble effort to say thank you.   Every day in my office is Veterans Day.  

These are some of the things I hope to pass on to my children.   However, I know that I have learned so much more from them.  My wife Kathy and I have truly been blessed with four wonderful children.  They are all growing up under regular wellness care.  They have all been born naturally without drugs.  They are all strong healthy children and living life to the fullest.  

I want to personally meet with you.  That is the only way to see if there is more going on that needs attention.   

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Dr. Robert Gibson