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Rates & Services

Dr. Gibson is currently accepting patients. 

Book Dr. Gibson to speak to your group.  For details and rates call 435-862-1536


Medicare and most insurances accepted.  If you are paying out-of-pocket, we offer the best value for service in the area.   

Family and group plans are available.  

We offer very affordable individual, family and group plans for our patients.  These plans include discounts for prepaid packages.  No interest payment plans designed to fit your needs.



We are leaders in Integrative & Complimentary Medicine.  This comprehensive approach is the perfect marriage of natural medical science and western medicine.  Our expert team of doctors has been trained in a wide variety of specialties and cutting edge treatments.  We believe in fixing the broken health care system at the patient level.  Far too long have drugs and dangerous surgeries been overused and abused.  We follow a "Drug Free" and "Surgery Last" protocol. 

Medical exams and physicals (Including: sports, CDL DOT, Annual, Well Baby)
Neurological Exams and Services
Orthopedic Exams and Services
Neuro-Muscular and Musculoskeletal Exams and Services
Chiropractic Spinal Exams
Chiropractic Spine and Extremity Adjustments
Endocrine/ Hormone Function Tests and Balancing
Nutritional evaluation and coaching
Diabetic Nutrition and coaching
Natural Medicine services
Oriental Medicine 

24/7 Urgent Care Service Available

Our after hours service is dramatically more affordable than a visit to the hospital and emergency room.  Only 4% of Emergency Room visits are life threatening and traumatic injuries that require the services of an E.R.   The vast majority of emergency room visits (about 65%) are neck and back pain that can't even be helped at the hospital.  The hospital makes a killing and you haven't even been helped. Next time get real help and save your money.